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Welcome to the premier resource for learning more about the Japanese bed, traditionally known as a shikibuton or shikifuton.

People today in the West enjoy the Japanese bed with health benefits in mind. But did you know it also saves space and enhances sleeping hygiene?

We created this website to show studies about back problems and the Japanese bed, describe its health benefits, and answer any other questions you may have about the Japanese bed. Click a tile below to get started!

What is the #1 Rated Japanese Bed?

Are you ready to experience the Japanese way of sleeping? You don't have to travel to Japan or pay excessive fees for an imported bed. Based on reader feedback and our own independent testing, we put together a list of the best shops in the United States where you can buy an authentic shikibuton.
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  • What is a Japanese bed?
    What is a Japanese Bed?

    The Japanese bed has a major reputation for being the best sleeping system for centuries, even in the face of scientific innovations in Western beds. Does it deserve the hype, or is it all exaggeration? Learn more »

  • Health benefits of a Japanese bed
    Health Benefits of a Japanese Bed

    The Japanese bed has been well known for its chi boosting qualities for thousands of years. Why does sleeping on it help you live a healthier, longer life? How well does it work? You'll find all the answers here. Learn more »

  • Back problems and the Japanese bed
    Back Problems & the Japanese Bed

    Take one look at the gigantic list of health benefits that come from sleeping on a Japanese bed and you'll want to say goodbye to Western-style beds for good. Learn more »

  • Japanese bed studies and research
    The Japanese Bed : Scientific Studies

    Lately it seems as if the Japanese bed is promoted everywhere as the miracle solution to life longetivity. Are any of these claims backed by scientific proof? We made it our mission to find out. Learn more »

  • Japanese bed FAQ
    Japanese Bed FAQ

    You should find everything you need to know about the Japanese bed on the pages of this site. Just in case you're in a hurry, we've answered the most frequently asked questions here. Learn more »

  • Care and the Japanese bed
    Care & Maintenance

    A high-quality Japanese bed can last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Learn all about how to care for it here. Learn more »

  • Care and the Japanese bed
    Japanese Bed Videos

    Here are some of the best videos on the web that show the Japanese bed. Learn more »

  • Care and the Japanese bed
    Buy a Japanese Bed

    This website is only an informational resource about the Japanese bed. We've carefully curated a directory of stores offering the Japanese bed. Learn more »