Japanese Bed FAQ

Q: How much does a Japanese bed cost?

A: A Japanese bed can be as economical or expensive as you can afford. Think of it as a custom sleeping system with several modular parts. The shiki futon is the most essential component, which can range between $200 to $1,000+ depending on the size, quality and the country of origin (imported or made in USA).

Q: Where can I buy a Japanese bed?

A: We know of a couple Japanese importers on the West and East Coast of the United States that sell Japanese beds at their brick & mortar storefronts. Also, there are a number of reputable online merchants that can ship a Japanese bed directly to your door. Please refer to our Japanese bed store directory or email us for recommendations.

Q: Do many Japanese people still sleep on a Japanese bed?

A: Despite the introduction of the Western spring mattress, the standard of sleeping is still the combination of shiki futon, kakebuton and tatami mat. A majority of Japanese people still choose the sleep on a Japanese bed because of tradition, style, practicality and comfort.

Q: How does a Japanese bed benefit health?

A Japanese bed can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Please refer to our Health Benefits page for details.

Q: How do I clean a Japanese bed?

A: All parts of a Japanese bed can be cleaned. An all-cotton shiki futon should be beaten and aired at least twice a year. The covers of a shiki futon, kakebuton, soba gara makura can be washed. A tatami mat or platform bed can be wiped clean with a damp rag. Please refer to the Care & Maintenance page for more information.

Q: What ages can appreciate the comfort of a Japanese bed?

A: Individuals of all ages can enjoy the comfort and tradition of a Japanese bed. The health benefits of a Japanese bed affect toddlers, teenagers, adults, and the elderly alike.

Q: How can I determine the quality of a Japanese bed?

A: Beware of cheap imitations manufactured in overseas factories outside of Japan or the US. These replicas are commonly found on eBay or disreputable merchant websites. Reputation and customer testimonials are the best factors to trust when purchasing a Japanese bed. Search the internet for reviews and testimonials.

What is the #1 Rated Japanese Bed?

Are you ready to experience the Japanese way of sleeping? You don't have to travel to Japan or pay excessive fees for an imported bed. Based on reader feedback and our own independent testing, we put together a list of the best shops in the United States where you can buy an authentic shikibuton.
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