Japanese Bed Health Benefits

There is an abundance of health benefits from sleeping on a Japanese bed. Among many, here are a few of the most notable benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Corrects posture
  • Prevents back & neck pain
  • Reduces risk of scoliosis

American and Canadian elderly households and retirement homes have recently been showing preference for the Japanese bed because of these critical health advantages. Studies show that the Japanese bed reduces the risk of hip fractures and encourages an active lifestyle among the elderly.

Despite the introduction of the Western-style spring mattress, Japanese people are not convinced that it is more practical or comfortable than a Japanese bed. Incorrect posture and scoliosis are much more rare in Japanese society since the majority of Japanese still do grow up sleeping on the floor on a shiki futon. Individuals of all ages can enjoy the health benefits of a Japanese bed, especially toddlers and teenagers who are nowadays vulnerable to posture problems.

What is the #1 Rated Japanese Bed?

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