Japanese Bed Videos

Here are some of the best videos on the internet about the Japanese bed.

Minimalist Living with Modern Japanese Beds

These Japanese style beds are examples of how you can decorate a minimalist yet stylish bedroom.

Globalized Shiki Futon: Sharing My Bed...

BoltMitch receives his shiki futon through the mail and enthusiastically narrates while opening the package.

Japanese Traditions: Futon Hoshi

Camswitzer shows futon hoshi, the practice of airing out the shiki futon.

Shiki futon & Tatami

MaryLouc explains (in French) the components of the Japanese bed.

Making the Japanese bed

ChinaTramLee shows how she makes her Japanese bed every night.

What is the #1 Rated Japanese Bed?

Are you ready to experience the Japanese way of sleeping? You don't have to travel to Japan or pay excessive fees for an imported bed. Based on reader feedback and our own independent testing, we put together a list of the best shops in the United States where you can buy an authentic shikibuton.
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